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  • Referral of clients if you are a health professional (MD, LMT, PT, etc.) 


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Stay Connected With Us


Farm Wellness Board of Directors

Grace Jull, President

Grace is both the Founder of Farm Wellness and a pioneer in the development of Agro-Wellness programs.  As the President of the Farm Wellness Board of Directors, she has cultivated a deep passion for both sustainable agriculture and community health.

She has inspired thousands of people with specialized weight loss, detox, digestive health and professional training program curricula during her ongoing tenure as senior faculty at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Wellness in Lenox, MA.

She has led transformational retreats since 1986 and has an MA in Adult Education and Community Development. As a gifted life coach, massage therapist, poet, yoga therapist and health educator, she offers individuals diverse and powerful pathways to greater health, happiness and sense of home.


Charlyn Peart, Secretary

Charlyn has been an advocate for employee health and safety for over 25 years and is a Certified Industrial Hygienist, Registered Biological Safety Professional and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.  In 2009, she graduated from Drexel University with a Masters Degree in Public Health to further her understanding of national public health issues and systematic approaches to solutions.  As the owner of Metta Yoga and Wellness, LLC, she specializes in small group and individual yoga sessions as well as health and nutrition counseling.  A portion of the proceeds from her business are donated to a local food cupboard and women’s shelter.


She has a deep respect for farming and a true love of the land through a long ancestry of farmers.  Her maternal grandparents ran an award winning dairy farm that was in the family since the early 1700’s.  She has raised her own family in a home built on her paternal grandparents farm.  The land where she lives in Green Lane, Pennsylvania is rooted deeply in her soul.  She understands the importance of connecting to the earth as a method to establish health and wellness.

She is a certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor and received her nutrition training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  She became a health counselor to fulfill her passion of working to improve health and wellness in individuals and society.

Charlyn is passionate about the Farm Wellness with specific interest in establishment of adult wellness programs using a new model for local economy, sustainable agriculture, and community health intervention.


Delara Marchbank, Treasurer

Delara has a deep passion for nurturing awareness around the joy of living with abundance and richness while walking a humble path of service and simplicity.  In her many roles of teaching and supporting, she helps people achieve greater health and fulfillment through diet, yoga and personal transformation.  She is a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) and enjoys crafting classes that mirror the natural cycles of the Earth, helping individuals and small groups connect more deeply with a sense of place and purpose.  It is an honor as well as a natural fit for Delara to be part of the Farm Wellness family, given her strong interest in cooking natural foods, promoting health and healing, and supporting local, sustainable agriculture.

In her current home-base of Kansas City, Missouri, Delara not only teaches yoga but also works as a dietary consultant for children with special needs, a creative synergist and transformative guide, a writer, and a photographer.  Her background in project management, event planning and community development enriches her contributions to Farm Wellness.  She is active in her local CSA and enjoys fostering relationships with local farmers.  She is working to organize a Farm Wellness Retreat in the Midwest and hopes to meet you there!


The Farm Wellness Advisory Board

Megan Camp


Megan is the Vice President and Program Director of Shelburne Farms, a non-profit education center, 1400-acre working farm and forest located in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.  In 2010, Shelburne Farms was awarded a significant grant from the Centers for Disease Control for studying childhood obesity.

Megan has served as a consultant with national and international sustainability projects.  She is an affiliate representative to the North American Association of Environmental Education, an advisor and partner of the U.S. National Park Service’s Conservation Study Institute, a member of the IUCN (The World Conservation Union) Commission on Education and Communication, and a member of the education panel of the National Forum of Children and Nature.  Currently Megan serves on the boards of the Farm-Based Education Association, and Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children (LEAF) in Japan, and serves on the Vermont Sustainable Agriculture Council and the advisory board of the University of Vermont College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


Mary P. Guerrera, MD


Mary is Professor of Family Medicine and Director of Integrative Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and an active member of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine. She serves on the steering and executive committees of the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine and as past co-Chair of their education working group.


John Bagnulo MPH, PhD

John is a naturalist and a nutritionist -- a naturalist because of his understanding of the biological processes at work in the world and in our bodies, and a nutritionist because of his ability to see how foods influence these processes and how these processes influence food.

John has worked as a nutritionist and assistant professor for the past 12 years.  He has taught courses in human metabolism, food and ecology, food and culture, nutrition and disease, and nutrition and cooking, among others.  He has helped hundreds of patients reverse chronic diseases through a diet of whole foods.


John’s practice is centered at 39 Main Street in Belfast, ME, where he meets with nutrition clients daily. In addition, he is in the process of planning and building a small, sustainable farm that will one day serve as a classroom for people of all ages and all walks of life to learn more about sustainable living and what they can do at home.

He has a Masters of Public Health from the University of North Carolina and a Doctorate from the University of Maine.  As one of the foremost experts on food and health, John’s lectures and discussions place food at the center of a web that stretches from our physiology to our fields and from our ancestors to our kitchens.  His talks are sure to enlighten and entertain even the most well-read and informed on the topic of nutrition and health.


Erica Curry

Erica works for Shelburne Farms and is a Food, Farm and Nutrition Educator for VT FEED.  Erica’s background includes seven years of working with communities focusing on developing connections between farms, schools and community members.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Ecology and a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies, focusing on Sustainable Food and Farming Education.  Erica has lead multi-day workshops centered on Farm Education and Place Based Education.  She is passionate about exploring how healthy local food can be incorporated into every person’s life and believes that “eating is an agricultural act!”


Tasha Brodeur

With Gratitude...

To David Greenberg - Organic farmer in Nova Scotia for being a catalyst of farms becoming deeply healing environments


To Suzannah Miskell - student and daughter of David Miskell, for re-energizing the vision and opening key doors in VT and in the universe


To David Miskell - Market Gardener at Shelburne Farms for over 20 years and a farm innovation treasure in Vermont, for your generosity of spirit, support and championing the cause


To Megan Camp, Erica Curry and the Shelburne Farms Staff, for all the innovation and new energy you help cultivate


To Helen and Marnie Jull - communications and writing consultants and Grace's mom and sister, for edits, enthusiasm, insight and the endless ways you support 


To Wendy Rowe and Charlie Nardozzi - health educator and gardening author in Burlington VT, for your friendship and lots of housing, meals, humor, insight, and help


To Dimitri - holistic educator and community catalyst in Rutland VT, for early consultations, ongoing clarity and constant insight


To the staff and guests of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Lenox, MA, for all the opportunities and inspiration to contribute to human potential


To Mark and Arti Ross Kelso in Richmond, MA - muscian, healers and budding homesteaders, for your love and kindness and the off the grid cabin that has enabled this organization to be incubated with intensity and ease


To Bennie and co - Public Relations and Non-Profit Management, for advice, care, contacts, friendship, The fury one and the extra bed


To Richard Faulds in Shannondoah Valley, PA - lawyer, for your generous support, sage presence and contribution of legal structure and soul


To Patrick O'Shei in Springfield, MA - business consultant, for being a voice of experience, counsel and care


To the inspired educators and activists that join me for dinner meetings to learn more about the program - the opportunity to share the vision and your interest, input, enthusiasm and potential participation offers invaluable energy and exciting horizons. Thank You!


To Terri - Executive Consultant, for your early understanding of the vision, energy, and offer to translate this into Spanish when the time is right

Gratitude for some other key conversations and contributions from Garret Sarley (president of Kripalu), Michael Bartner (Slow Money Alliance), Tina Clarke (Transition Town Regional Trainer), Lucy Kanarni (Executive Consultant and Life Coach), Gillian and Russel Comstock (Metta Earth Institute), Carolyn and George Campbell (business consultant and Alberta Wilderness Association Staff), Mark Green (business consultant and radio personality), Paradise Copies (design genius and generosity), Dave Inglis (biodynamic farmer), Steph Shorter (Kosmos Magazine and yoga researcher), Deb Kaufman (artist and community catalyst), Melissa Colbert, MD, and my colleagues in the Health for Life program at Kripalu who I have learned so much from - John Bagnulo, PhD (nutritionist), Dr. Mark Pettus, Dr. Susan Lord, Susan Moul, Laurie Magoon, Courtney Gillardy, and Aruni. 

Farm Wellness Near You

photo by Delara Marchbank

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