Since Farm Wellness began in 2010, we have...

Founder Grace Jull with "Omnivore's Dilemma" author Michael Pollan at the Yoga Journal Conference in NYC
  • Graduated inspired leaders from Texas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine
  • Welcomed over 16,000 website visitors
  • Spread our mission via conference booths or presence at Slow Money, Yoga Journal NYC, Common Ground in Maine, Wanderlust Vermont, EcoFarm in California and NOFA MA, NY and VT
  • Partnered with international education centers like Shelburne Farms in Vermont and Heifer International in Massachusettes



Our Mission:

  • To cultivate the health of individuals, farms and communities through training and retreats that harvest the full potential of local sustainable farms.
  • To offer sustainable farmers income and labor
  • To redirect the billions of dollars spent on pharmaceuticals and self help in to True Community Health- economically, nutritionally and socially

By 2020, we intend to...

  • establish a national network of farms certified to provide AgroWellness programs as an integrative community health intervention while providing farms with income, PR and labor
  • establish partnerships with physicians, insurance companies, health practitioners and farmers to provide referrals, reimbursements and sustainable lifestyle education

In 2012, we invite donations of money or networking to support these projects...

  • Scientific study of the behavior and mood outcomes of the AgroWellness intervention in Augusta Maine and Hartford CT 

PARTNERS: Shelburne Farms and Dr. Mary Guerrera of University of Connecticut Medical School, nutritionist John Bagnlo, PhD and neuroscientist Dr. Stephanie Shorter

  • To support production of DVD’s and print resources for AgroWellness’s curriculum of breathing, movement, mindfulness, cooking, and healthy habits
  • To launch and populate the AgroWellness network website
  • To provide subsidies to train qualified farms and educators for certification


Six Reasons For Farm Wellness

1. Farmers need labor and income

    - with Everify and other labor obstacles, farmers need

      a flexible pool of extra hands during seasonal surges

   - wellness programs where the public pays to

     participate on the farm can create income 

2. Farmers may not have the time or skills to market and run wellness programs, so training health educators and farmers how to turn farm tasks into mindfulness, stress reduction or health enhancing activities enriches everybody.


3. With the epidemic of diabetes, depression and lifestyle dis-eases, physicians and the public need affordable venues for lifestyle education. 


4. Farms are starting to offer health programs, but there is no centralized site for the public to find out about these opportunites or for farms to share information about insurance, infrastructure and innovations. 

5. We need to restore a relationship with Nature and Reality. Farming requires cylces of patience, flourishing, being fallow and following nature's lead and this creates more compassion and realism about the resiliance of body, mind and spirit.

6. Appreciating the Realities of healthy food production is essential in creating a vibrant and viable local food system. 

How You Can Get Involved

1. If you are a farmer, physician or friend  join our email list  to get our newsletter or be notified when we are ready to list farms.


2. Like us on Facebook!


3. Contribute to our Farmer scholarship fund throughPaypal



4. Become trained and being Farm Wellness to your community

photo by Delara Marchbank

Health Educators and farmers receive support and training in:

  • cultivating states of health and wellbeing within individuals, groups, and ecosystems 
  • how to feed large groups with little infrastructure
  • creating local partnerships with farms, media, and allied health circles
  • how to lead introductions to breathing, movement, healthy eating andlifestyle practises, cooking

To explore training, read more here.

Retreat Participants Receive...

Retreat participants receive…


  • Inspiring holistic views on nourishment  ~ nutritionally, socially and spiritually
  • Simple cooking, stretching, breathing and mindfulness exercises that can rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit
  • A sense of place ~ in the body, within a supportive local network, and within the web of life that nourishes on all levels
  • Inspiration to eat locally and affordably through gardening skills and connecting to farms 


To explore attending a retreat or offering a referral for this program, click here

About Us

photo by delara marchbank

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