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We are delighted that you are inspired to consider training with us. We train health professionals, educators, and farmers in core curriculum components of breathing, movement, bulk cooking and foundations for health to be used a platform to create your own program design.  Whether its a half day of meditation and berry picking or running a retreat center, everyone tailors the content to serve their talents and vision. 


" I have not filled a notebook with this much training material in a long time. Everyone was so inspiring." - Tara~ A farm retreat center education coordinator from Maine

For 2012, we are concentrating our trainings into one Spring and one Fall session

photo by delara marchbank

In the past, we have run 8 day trainings with the following invaluable partners: Heifer International-  Overlook Farm Rutland, MA,  Metta Earth Institute,  Lincoln VT and Shelburne Farms Shelburne, VT. 


For 2012, we will have condensed the duration and dates to a five day training that we will run twice, as our efforts are expanding to research and new pilots.

We hope you can join us!


April 18-22 2012 - Waltham Fields, MA.


More about these visionary partners can be found at:



The Training Process

There are two components to our training - the Foundations and the Practicum, which both offer you invaluable tools that will enrich your teaching and relating in any context.

The Heart of Foundations

  • Indepth training about the HEART's  creation of coherence in the body, in groups, in experiences, and in healing. Stephen Buhner’s profound book The Secret Teachings of Plants,  pgs 1- 158 is highly recommended pre-reading.
  • How to more deeply comprehend and create detox, lymphatic, digestive and organ focused movement experiences
  • Expand your ability to teach to broad groups and contexts
  • Tools to limitlessly cultivate language and rich perception 
  • Deepening of the elements integral to our teaching and our lives – the soil, foods, forces, air, water and light
  • Identifying your strengths and work with your challenges
  • Key elements of transformational teaching, collaborating, communication, community building, marketing, networking, gardening, cooking, as well as working with different seasons, weather, and communities and helping people be more fully at home
  • How you can forge respectful and productive partnerships with your local farm based on criteria and checklists offered in the training.
  • How you can easily market your program 
  • How you can confidently source a local referral base of MD’s, massage therapists, clergy and other potential supporters that we will help you identify.
  • How to manage screening and enrollment of participants.

During the taining, there will be many supportive opportunities to reflect on your development, skills and needs, which will help determine if the competencies are in place to successfully implement a specific Farm Wellness retreat model.


Trainees must also provide proof of current CPR and First Aid certification, and teaching liability insurance coverage for groups of 30 people.


Opportunities to train further and potentially become a regional co-leader will be shared at the training, or you are welcome to contact us if you feel your professional background as an educator is strongly suited to more organizational involvement and contribution.


For training dates, fees, and logistics, please click here.

photo collage by delara marchbank